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Australian Housing Bubble: How to Spot a Bubble - Australian Housing Bubble – Is It Real? There has been much conjecture over whether or not the Australian Housing Bubble actually exists. Is it a bubble at all? Or is it the result of a flourishing economy that knows no bounds and is projected to continue rising to infinity and beyond? Unfortunately, the answer is […]
Fun For Free The Short Advice 5 Ways To Have Fun For Free - The Simple Things in Life… If you ask the minimalists, they’ll tell you that there is freedom in simplicity. And they’re right. You can live without the extreme excess that is being sold to us as necessity, and still achieve your own state of internal happiness and have fun for free! In fact, thats about […]
The Short Advice Fear of Failure Overcome Your Fear of Failure: 5 Fail-Proof Tips - Understanding Fear of Failure. Fear of failure is quite common. It’s normal for us to experience this to some extent, although in extreme cases it can become a phobia. More specifically, atychiphobia. Of course, there is a phobia to describe just about every fear imaginable, so don’t throw yourself into that category just yet. A powerful […]
Internal Happiness The Short Advice Finding Internal Happiness: The Happiness Investment Strategy - Happiness Starts at Home Not your literal home, but the figurative one inside of you. You are in charge of your happiness, and solely relying on others to provide it for you is unwise. Whilst you might be able to influence the life choices of the close people in your life, you cannot entirely control […]
SMART Goals The Short Advice SMART Goals: What Are They And Why Should I Use Them? - The Importance of Goal-Setting Goals give purpose to our actions and are a major consideration of the ‘Success Blueprint‘. They provide the direction and motivation needed to be successful in our endeavours, acting as ‘stepping stones’ to track our progress. Goal-setting should incorporate both long-term and short-term goals, to ensure that we set ourselves realistic and […]
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