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Being happy How To Live A Happy Life Starting Today- Is being happy a basic human right? No. Although, it would be fantastic if we were all inherently happy by nature, and could live happily ever after in our pineapples under the sea. But unfortunately (and fortunately) happiness is something to be earned, much like anything worth having. So where does the ‘fortunately’ part come […]
Building Resilience in Children The Short Advice Building Resilience in Children: 5 Strategies- What is Resilience? Resilience is the ability to find solutions in difficult situations. It can help us to manage stress, deal with change, and work through the harsh realities that life sometimes presents. Building resilience in children is about creating a culture and environment that supports them towards supporting themselves. Creating strong and independent thinkers […]
Laziness: How To Overcome It In 4 Simple Steps. Laziness: How To Overcome It In 4 Simple Steps.- “But exercise is hard! It’s not laziness, it’s because I have a job… I have friends and a family and a partner – I’m too busy. How will I find the time to take care of myself? And what about all those delicious things that I love to eat? And all of those really easy […]
Gaming Addiction The Short Advice How To Stop Gaming Addiction- It’s 8-bit of a Problem… According to the World Health Organisation gaming addiction, or ‘gaming disorder’, is actually a disease. Open for debate perhaps, but it’s obviously attracted the attention of a few medical professionals. Whilst it does only affect a small portion of individuals who play video games, it has raised some interesting points […]
Change Your Job Sunset How To Change Your Job: 5-Point Check- So You Want to Change Your Job… The sun is setting on your current job. Maybe you’ve been working in the same role, and in the same industry for ten years. Maybe you feel trapped in your role, and need to make a change. Well, there’s good and bad news for you… Change is very […]
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